This Week at St Nicholas...

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Summer Service Diary Changes...

Over summer we have some changes to our usual alternating services between zoom and in person. Please see our service dates/times and location below and on our what's on page.

Sunday 25th 6.30 pm Zoom Church
Sunday 1st August 6.30pm In St Nicholas
Sunday 8th August 6.30pm Zoom Church
Sunday 15th August 6.30pm In St Nicholas
Sunday 22nd August 6.30pm In St Nicholas with Dr Alex Bond, Ornithologist

Sunday 29th August 6.30pm Zoom Church (bank holiday w/e)

Meet Our Recently Licensed Curate, Manuela... 

                                                                    Manuela has recently joined us at St Nick's as our Curate.                                                                            We are excited to have her here with us and can't wait to see                                                                      what she will bring to our church and community.

                                                                    We asked her what is something you would like to change in                                                                      the world:

                                                                    "The world is full of beauty and good things, reflecting our                                                                          good God. Nonetheless, sin and brokenness are also part of                                                                      the world as we know it right now and so I am sure all of us                                                                        have things we would like to change. One thing I would like                                                                        to change about the world is racism. For the past year and a                                                                      half, I have read, learned and thought a lot about the sin of                                                                        racism as part of my dissertation. Racism is at the root of a                                                                          lot of injustice and suffering across the globe. As Christians we believe that every human being is made in the image of God, no matter our ethnicity, gender, sexuality or any other way we might be considered different. Racism goes against this Christian belief and dehumanises black and brown people. God made us all different. In the ways we look different, see and experience the world differently and with our different cultures we all are fearfully and beautifully made in the image of God. I long for a world, which fully reflects this truth." - Manuela 

Summer Series... 

We have launched our very first Summer Series with four guest speakers who will offer their reflections on the world as it is, and their vision for the world as it should be. This builds on the biblical prophetic tradition where the likes of Jeremiah and Isaiah described the world as it was and offered both lament and hopeful visions of what might be, of God's promised future.  Each presentation will be available to watch on YouTube on the advertised date, and the following week we shall gather in our St Nicholas Zoom Room for a conversation about what we heard, what caught our attention and how that might translate into action.  Do join us!

Summer Series No 4: Available Now

Please watch our third presentation with Revd Jarel Robinson-Brown on Early African Christianity now live on our YouTube and join us on Thursday 15th July at 7.30pm in the St Nicholas Church Zoom Room  to talk about the issues she raises. She is the third of  four guest speakers offering their reflections on the world as it is, and their vision for the world as it should be.

Ornithologist in Residence...


                                                         Dr Alexander Bond is our Ornithologist in Residence 

                                                         If you want to know a bit more about the research of the Adrift Lab                                                           (Alex's research group at the Natural History Museum and                                                                         University of Tasmania), and how Alex weaves it in with his queer                                                               identity, you can watch a talk from last winter for Scientific                                                                           Queeries over on this website.
                                                         You can visit Alex’s website, and follow him on Twitter                                                                                  @TheLabAndField


We are currently meeting in person and on zoom - alternating between the weel. Please check the calendar on our What's On page to see our events and services. Services that will be held on Zoom can be accessed via a link - please email or get in touch via the Contact Us form for this.  To recieve the weekly newsletter please get in contact and ask to be signed up to the mailing list. You can also stay up to date via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.